Just another ramble, or grateful for an uneventful day

On the weekends when my children aren’t home, I am somewhat at a loss for what to do with myself. Today I made “plans” to do things and then I remembered I had to baby sit with my granddaughter all morning so I didn’t do anything but that. Then I came up with a million reasons NOT to clean things or mow lawns.

I was briefly tempted to bring home an old italian greyhound today from an adoption event we went to after Alexis got home from work. Then I remembered dogs are not on my lease and I have 5 cats living here who would not appreciate my thought to rescue an old guy doggie. (He was 11 years old and so nervous he shook the whole time we were at the event) So, instead I bought a leash and harness for my black kitten Lucky, AKA my boyfriend. Lucky spends most of his time ON my body or near me. He sleeps on me at night if he’s in my room, and if he’s not, he comes in first thing in the morning. So, I scared the heck out of my kitten when I got home and put him on a leash and harness and took him into the front yard. I had fun for about 5 minutes.

It was an uneventful day. Nothing really super happened and nothing really bad happened. I didn’t sit around thinking too much and I watched movies and cried and laughed a lot in the evening when Alexis was out at a barbeque thing for work. I love alone time above all things. I can be a sappy mess and talk to myself and act goofy.

I did almost forget to call my kids to say good night, though. Then my little girl told me she’d forgotten to bring her father’s day things and would I bring them. I feel conflicted about this one. I’m willing, but I do NOT want to see him on that day. I will be mourning my father and thinking about all of us little girls who’ve lost our daddies and not thinking about the JW I married. He was a rotten husband. He does the best he can as a father and I give him credit, but I’m not going to celebrate him. He can do that with his children. Anyway, the point of this is, I miss the kids when they are gone, and sometimes I can hardly wait until they leave again. It’s a strange thing. The day they are going to their dads for the weekend they are really crazy and annoying! Then they leave and I celebrate for the evening and then I want them back again. It’s like I only need an hour or so break really. It stinks when it’s more than that.

So, I guess tomorrow I’m going to have to step up and mow the yard and do some cleaning and laundry. But today I just had a sort of lazy, uneventful day in which I didn’t stress, I didn’t feel sad or angry, I just existed. And I’m really grateful for that. Everyone needs these sort of days now and then, I think.

In conclusion, I found out that Clarence Clemmons died today after having a stroke. I feel for his family. I remember him coming to my music class when I was in the 8th grade and lived in Rumson, NJ. He was such a character! Later, my father lived next door to Max Weinberg (the drummer from the E Street Band) and we’d get to go to concerts and backstage. I was a young teenager and couldn’t be more impressed with Clarence and all the others. I got to go to Max’s wedding and see them play there. I was all of 15 years old and babysitting for my younger brother (who is now 30!). Tonight I watched a classic 80s movie called Valley Girl with a young Nicholas Cage. I felt very nostalgic for my high school days. It’s very hard to believe those days were so long ago. Rest in Peace, Clarence, I feel lucky that I got to meet you back in the 80s, you were a heck of an interesting man.

Good Night quiet saturday.


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