How to get past the anger and move on to bigger things

This is a subject I’ve taken a lot of time contemplating lately. I am still quite angry and I know most people are really tired of hearing it, but I feel like this is one of the ways I safely let my anger out of me and move past it so I can write about it again.

Unfortunately, just about everything my soon to be X does pisses me off. I know, in my head, that this is completely unreasonable. I know it’s that I have anger over the entire situation that I need to figure out how to walk past and walk away from. Still, he just pisses me off so much right now. I am so excited to get the divorce done. He called me a few days ago and told me he set the money aside to file the divorce. I got really excited, went through all my papers, told him we need to get together to get this all the way filled in and I haven’t heard a word from him since. I’m angry about this. Don’t tell me you want to get it done and then get all weird on me and not answer my questions or emails! A day after that non-answering, he called to inform me he wanted to switch the lease on this house to my name. I have no issues with this, and I told him, well, the rent will then be your alimony amount, ok. He said that was fine.

So why not let’s get the divorce papers filed then? Seriously, I want them done. I want the divorce portion of this over with. I feel like I’ve been able to let go of the marriage for a year now and he just won’t do it. So, I get to be miss pushy. This passive aggressive behavior of his really pushes my angry buttons because this is how he always was but I was too stupid to see it.

So, revelation tonight, I’m actually angry at myself again. Yes, he irritates me and I really don’t like him no matter how many “good” things he does. I don’t care that he’s a good daddy and that my grandchild likes him. I just don’t. I don’t like him, but I’m not going to judge others for liking him. So, I’m angry at myself for not seeing what a jerk he was, what a creep, how frustrating he is, much earlier on. I am angry at myself for not performing to his standards as well. That’s a self esteem issue I have to handle and my self-esteem is a bit in the toilet right now due to gaining weight from quitting smoking and feeling unable to get back on the diet and exercise train right now.

I feel downright angry at myself, and I feel awful about my looks and my body right now too.

I am not sure what I should do to fix this. I mean, yes, I’m venting right now. I know I need some friends and some support and I know I need to simply move on with my life and not worry about things that are in the past and that I cannot change. I pray for this ability often, to just be able to live in the moment and not think about stuff. I pray for the ability to be grateful for the good in my life. I pray for this anger to be lifted from me and to be able to be OK with who I am today. It’s been hard losing my job that I waited so long for, it’s been rough losing what I thought was the ideal man. I have fallen down the mountain a bit all over again and I’m upset about it.

So, the other solution I came up with was to volunteer with the Rebuilding class that I took last year. That way I get to make more friends and get more out of it. I need the lessons all over again. I re-read the chapters from the book and I can see that I need to find a way to work this anger out of my system. I need not to distract myself from it, but rather use it as a tool for personal growth.

I hope I can do that. Like everyone, I’m doing the best I can every day. I am falling short of my own expectations so I really have to learn to lower them a bit. I am in a good place where I don’t feel like I need a man to rescue me or care for me. I am glad I can be in that place without worry. I have no need to have a person in my life to make me feel good. I am willing to learn how to feel good about myself without that.

So, right now I feel fat and ugly, but I don’t smoke. I’ve done it..I have made it 4 months or so without cigarettes! That’s an achievement I should be very proud of. I got the dream job, it’s not my fault that funding will be cut by the gov’t or that people decided I had to be the one to go due to that. I am an excellent mom and I’m very tuned into my children and my grandchild.

The other thing that was hard today was that my STBX did not prepare Eli properly for the difference in routine today and he spent a long time crying for Daddy. This really hurt my heart. I’m glad that Eli loves his father, I am, but I really did not need for that to happen today. I know why he was upset and it was not due to missing his dad, it was due to the change in routine. Still, it was hard. It was harder that the jerk thought it was sweet that Eli missed him so much. I was like, “uh, you should really prepare him better and not dangle things you aren’t going to do for a while as a reward. He expected it right then and you severely disappointed him and left me to deal with it.” He said, “Oh, yeah, I’ll try to do better…I missed him a lot too, though”.

arrrrgh 😦

I really don’t like him. But what I really wish for? Is to have NO feelings for him at all.

It’s ridiculous how long divorce can take to get over. I was talking to a therapist friend today who said, “it’s really still very fresh for’s only been a year and 3 months!”. I thought, wow, my instant gratification portion of my brain is not happy about that, but it’s totally true.

So…trying to forgive myself for being so darned angry. And working through it. Sorry for the rant and if you made it this far, thank you. 😀


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One thought on “How to get past the anger and move on to bigger things”

  1. The anger is actually part of the healing process. Anger makes it easier to let go. A year and three months really isn’t a lot of time to process all he put you through. And hindsight sucks. You start to look back, and see the things you put up with, things you let slide, the ways you bent to keep the peace or make him happy. And you wonder “Where the hell was I? How did I let it get this far?” In reality, you can’t blame yourself…things happen so gradually, in inches instead of feet, that you just don’t notice the glacier until it’s flattened you.

    I hated the whole Daddy-love thing, too. My son was just a baby, but he was a Daddy’s boy, and it pissed me off. His father never breastfed him at 2am; his father didn’t drop him off at daycare, work all day, pick him up from daycare, rush home, and make dinner; his father didn’t give him baths, hardly ever played with him, didn’t dress him, feed him (at least not without complaints). And yet, once we separated, my son just LIT up when he saw his Daddy. I really resented this.

    You’ll move on from this in time, it’s really still early on for you and you need to allow yourself the anger you feel. Don’t worry about the weight – you arent’ smoking, which is huge, and you’re gorgeous anyway, so you have nothing to dun yourself about.

    Many, many hugs, Meg. Just make sure, when you look back, to realize just how far you’ve come.

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