Single Parenting can suck, or it can be Fun. Or both on the same day.

So yesterday I decided I need to make a support group for my area. Yes, I am a selfish woman who wants to spend time with friends every so often instead of hoping for something to suddenly happen to me like a cute guy walks up to me while I’m chasing my children around the grocery store!

With that in mind, I am working on a flyer to post in the area (libraries, grocery stores, etc) to try to get a Parents Without Partners group going here. I’ve got about 6 people I know that are single and into doing it, but need 4 more. After that, they help us publicize and help get us going. There are many single parents in Gainesville. I think we’re all hiding in our houses wondering what to do, maybe. I know there is a singles group associated with a nearby church (but you don’t necessarily have to have children) but they are associated with a church which I don’t really want in a support group. I love my religious choice, (UU) but wouldn’t expect my friends to love it. Nor do I think a support group for single parents need any particular religious association to be friends.

What it comes down to, is I want friends. I want people to go do stuff with on weekends when we don’t have kids. I want people who want to hang out with all the kids in a park and let them be friends. I am not looking for a man, I’m looking for some buddies that I have something in common with. So, I’m working on that.

On the employment front, well, I need to make a call to UF’s employee relations and explain what the situation is and ask what I can or cannot do to make sure my future employment opportunities with them are not impacted by some thoughtless words. I really cannot think of one single thing I did so badly that it justifies the statement “Unsatisfactory performance”..especially when they told me it was due to anticipated budget cuts. Either they lied, or someone wanted to screw me. I’m going to call tuesday and see what I can work out there.

Meanwhile, I am going to prepare myself for not having kids for 5 days in a row, and for the upcoming summer with kids. I may have some babysitting on the line for the summer so I won’t have to worry about who is taking care of my kids. Alexis is probably going to go back to work, so I’ll also have my granddaughter. I will survive it. I will find things to fulfill me, I will look for a job again, too.

The future can only get better.

Also, I need a job so I can hire a maid 😀


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Megan Jobes

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