The end of the dream

Time to write about it, I guess.

On tuesday, I was fired from my dream job. I am still not sure why, and I’m looking to get answers. I was told that it was due to budget constraints, but I believe it was because the woman I worked for did not like me for some reason and felt she could not continue to work with me. Not only that, they wrote “unsatisfactory performance” on my exit letter, which is highly concerning because I was working for one of the largest employers in Gainesville, University of Florida, and I want to be able to work for them again someday, though I realize I have to wait several months before applying for something there. I don’t want them destroying opportunity without a satisfactory explanation, and I haven’t had one.

I did ask, if you can’t support full time, why aren’t you reducing me to part time, and their reply was they’d hired all their part timers. Despite them being hired after me, I was let go. I am SURE there is more to this story. I know my boss was not terribly happy with me, but as far as I know, I did everything she asked of me, I worked on everything she asked, I even started dressing nicely when she criticized that. I felt like she criticized me pretty much every day. I felt like she was all talk and we couldn’t progress with the training process for the counselors because all she could do was “be busy” and talk about how busy she was and how great all her methods are, etc.

Honestly, she was pretty horrible and I’m very angry. I wrote to her today to ask for my things back and ask WHY does it say that on my exit letter if it is a budget thing and she refused to answer me, instead deflecting me to her boss. I’m OK with that, but annoyed. The least anyone can do, in my opinion, is be honest about why you are being let go, especially when it will adversely effect job prospects. Did I really deserve that after I was only there for a month?? No, I did not. I did not do anything egregiously wrong enough that you should do that to me. I am good at helping and supporting other moms, I would have been great as a coordinator, given a real chance. Maybe it was because I refused to stop asking about when we’d get the program done? When would we get computers, when would we do training, when would we actually put together a case load and start working. We were hired with NOTHING in place except ideas!! I was told about the grant over a year ago and they had lots of time to get everything done, and didn’t do it. Now, ok, there was the fact that they had to go through lots of red tape to get the jobs listed, etc, but honestly, I think there is more to this story. Most of the time, you get money and you start using it. Maybe I’m wrong.

I am still very angry and I still want some answers. If they can’t tell me why they gave that on my letter and what it will do, I’ll keep going up. I’m not going to sit idly by while this woman ruins further job opportunities for me when I’ve done nothing I know about to deserve it!

Meanwhile, I will treasure some time with my children and decide where to go next. I don’t really want to wait 6 months to reapply for jobs at UF, but I do want the ability to do so someday if I find something there I want. I was excited to work for them, I was ecstatic that I was going to be a force for good for moms in Gainesville, and I didn’t deserve what’s happened to me. I was at work every day, I dressed well, I did what I was asked to do. I really cannot imagine what the problem is and I want to know. If you make someone wait a year for a job and then fire them after a month, you need to tell them why, not tell them there is a budget issue and then write “unsatisfactory performance” on their exit letter.

Just sayin’


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Megan Jobes

About to graduate college, moving into a job in the computer programming industry

One thought on “The end of the dream”

  1. Keep after it Meg if you need to, but don’t let it consume you, right or wrong.
    Your positive energy is best used elsewhere or it will all become negative in everything you do. Work towards something new, instead of away from something bad. HUGS,

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