Gearing up for my dream job

So, this week I go from Stay At Home mom (which I did for 8.5 years now) to Works Full Time mom. I’m excited, because it’s my dream job that I get to do, but I’m scared because it’s a huge adjustment for all of us. Luckily, I hired my oldest daughter to be my nanny this summer so I can at least be sure that my kids will be well taken care of and safe, but fall will be another thing entirely, I will have to arrange for after school care for my kids and life will just keep changing.

But change is good! I had to have immunizations this past friday for the job. I forgot how achy they make my arms feel. It made me feel guilty for ever immunizing my children because ick. The tetanus really was the worst, honestly. The others only bugged me for a day but the tetanus still hurts. I had to have a varicella titer and also a Mantoux test, which is negative. I’m a little worried about the varicella because I have no recollection of having chicken pox, but I didn’t get it when exposed to my own children so I am thinking I am safe from it.

So, change is good. I have never been so excited to start a job. I believe in the work, helping mothers to continue to breastfeed, and I am excited to make it into a paying career as I take training to become a CLC (Certified Lactation Consultant). I also officially work for the University of Florida so I get the benefit of taking classes here and there, which is wonderful. I will have to enroll soon so I can do that 😀 So, I’m a lady gator helping moms take better care of their children. How cool is that??

Scared, though, because I have to work all day for the first time in years. I am sure it won’t be harder than taking care of an autistic three year old, but it will be an adjustment, for sure. I am a bit worried about the kids adjusting to not having me as available as I have been for their whole lives, but they are in school and Sophie wants to go to an after school program in the fall so that’s good.

I am pretty positive it’s all going to be great. I am really stoked to start officially on Friday. Sort of thursday because I have to take the training they are doing that day for the whole office, though, even though I won’t get paid for thursday. I’m ok with it. I really just want to start!!


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