Enough of a Blog Break…Let’s Talk!

Well, my life, as usual, has gone through a TON of changes since I wrote last. I need to write more often, but now my life is about to become crazy busy and I’m not sure when I’ll fit it in, so I better get it out of my system now.

So, let me talk about my morning first. I need to get that off my chest and cleared so I can talk all about all the changes taking place in my life! This morning, my son Eli had such a hard time getting it together. I didn’t find out until later what the reason might be, but let me start at the beginning. We’ve had a lot of allergies and sickness around here for the last month or so, and if you know anything about autistic kids, changing their routines in any way can really put them off kilter for a long time until they either re-adjust or you put their routine back the way it was. So, when an autistic kid gets sick, everything gets messed up. So, first we all had food poisoning. I don’t recommend KFC ever again. Of course since I’ve become a vegetarian (one of those changes) it’s not much of a concern now. At any rate, after that, which took a good 4 days to work out, we were scheduled to go on our Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s retreat. On the way in the car, Eli threw up. So, luckily his dad could take him and the rest of us could go. Of course, I lived in fear all weekend that one of us would get sick too, but we didn’t so all was good. Eli came home after we got home and he was pretty much over it, so we thought. Then that night he got sick again. The whole week was like this, we’d think he was better, then he’d get sick again. Poor kid was really suffering and in the midst of it, he was coughing up a storm which made no sense. So I finally took him to the doctor, which I tend to resist if I can solve the problem but this one was beyond me. Turns out, he has nasal allergies (not a big shock in florida…) so we put him on zyrtec and flonase and he slowly got better. Then I got the dreaded sickness about a week later. Lucky for me, the kids were at their dads. I did forget to mention that Sophie got it too. Their dad got it later on. Well, then Eli got something again last week…seemed to not be as severe at least.

Anyone’s routines would be messed up after all this, but on top of that it’s Standardized testing time at Florida schools and Eli’s classroom has been tapped as a testing center, so they’ve been moving Eli and his classmates to a new room for their reading lessons. So, this kid is messed up all over. I’ve done my best to stick to normal stuff at home, and I know his dad has too, but really, the amounts of upheavals he has suffered in the last month is really crazy. It should not surprise me that he’s having such a hard time adjusting! So he seems to be taking out the upheavals in not eating. Except for soda and fruit snacks, he just won’t eat. I have to bribe him to get food in him, and it’s really not enough food. I’m seriously concerned about this. This morning he would only eat a few tiny pinches of a pancake and a sip of soda. The bus didn’t come so I took him to school today (another break in routine!) and on the way I stopped to get him crackers…which he would not eat. I’m feeling rather defeated and worried actually. He would not let me leave him at school and he was really clingy, again, not normal for him at all. They did tell me that the FCAT testing might be effecting his behavior, so at least I can account for something. But I really think I may have to just have a routine written out for him at home and stick to it religiously for a while to get him back on track.

The problem with that is, I have a new job and I don’t know when I’m starting yet. It’s a full time job, and his sister is going to be his nanny until the fall. So, more changes. Maybe I can just figure out the routine and Alexis can stick to it when I’m not around. That seems do-able. I already decided he won’t be allowed to watch TV or play computer until he eats foods that are good for him, so it’s going to be a hard day when he gets back from school.

Well, after all that, my life has changed drastically too. I am a non-smoker now for over 6 weeks. I went off the chantix about a week ago now. I just couldn’t stand the nausea and I felt in no danger of going back to cigarettes, and I was right. I feel a lot better and I still have no desire to smoke those nasty things except very occasionally. Oddly, when I’m excited about something….like…..MY NEW, totally totally excellent and perfect for me…JOB! I just got it last week and I haven’t even started yet because of paperwork and background checks and stuff. Hopefully soon, though šŸ˜€ I’m so happy about this job I could just burst! I will talk more about it when I’ve started…don’t want to jinx myself out of it somehow!

The other big changes…I’ve become a mostly vegetarian. I will eat some seafood, and eggs and dairy. I just got to a point where the idea of eating animals started to completely freak me out. I love my animals and I don’t want to eat animal flesh.

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print. If you have ideas and/or suggestions on how to help Eli eat better..please post them! Thanks!


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