Yet another crazy day

First, before I post this, I’d like to mention that Today is my father’s birthday. My dad died in 2005 in a motorcycle accident and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. He would have been 68 years old today. He would have been proud to be a great-grandpa, he would probably still be pursuing his strong interests and loving on each of his children. He was a very loving man. I really miss him and I probably always will. So Dad, if you are out there listening, we love you, we miss you and we know you are probably having more fun than we are!

This is the story of my life lately! I get up in the morning with all the best intentions in the world of decluttering and cleaning my house, and things take over and my day becomes oddly filled with errands. In the last 2 days I have driven 130 miles!

Yesterday I didn’t have to get the children on the bus as their dad had them, so I only had to get up and take Alexis to work. Then I got back and wrote about Eli and I really felt good about that post all day, but also my mind was going on another post. It always seems to feel like my life is unwritten and needs more writing lately. So, I’m making another post, because it’s amazing to me how I can have these lofty goals every day of how my day is going to be and it never turns out how I think it will.

So, after posting all about neurodiversity I had to go and help in my youngest’s kindergarten class. I help out teaching a short math task to a small group of kids, 4 to be exact. These are some really sweet kids, I have to say, sitting with the kids every week always has the effect of making me feel good about the future. These kids are just so bright and fun and interesting. I just love them. Their teacher is fantastic, as well.

I teach them their little task. Two of the kids in my group are Chinese and they like to teach me words in chinese, so I always feel like I get more out of teaching them than they get out of learning from me. Also, it makes Sophie extremely happy whenever I come. She is so proud that I come into her world and join her at school each week. As I said, I get more out of the short time I spend there each week than I ever expected. It’s just an amazing pleasure to be with these kids. After we’re done with the math task I walk with them to lunch and sometimes I hang out with the kids and just chat with them. They are such interesting people. I really think we all need to take time out each week to spend listening to the ideas of young kids. They have so much to offer us, and they make me experience such joy and fun. I can sit with these kids and totally forget about everything that’s on my mind and just experience the ultimate coolness of being a 6 year old again.

Well, after that, I left with a smile. I go back again on Monday for their Valentine Party and I really can’t wait to hang out with them all again. I don’t have a relationship with a man right now, so I can’t think of anything better than experiencing the love and openness of children on that day. I can’t wait to give my kids valentine treats and hugs and kisses after school, either. After all, it’s a holiday about love, so if we don’t have a mate, why not give our love to our children and grandchildren? That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to celebrate how much love is in my life and how incredible it really is.

I got home and had a little time for lunch before Elijah came home. I had to convince him to leave his shoes on so we could go get his sisters…we left to do that a short time later and here’s where the fun really begins. After Sophie got home, the kids had about half an hour to play computer while I ran around attempting to clean up and see what came home from school. (School sends home so much STUFF). In this short time, Sophie changed her clothes and Eli took off his shoes and socks and they played computer games at NickJr on the slow computer they have to play with. It was not easy to convince them to get dressed and put shoes on again so we could leave to get Alexis from work. I then had to go across town, get her, deliver her to her volunteer work at the Humane Society. We then left there and had to drive all the way over to the west side of town and beyond to get to where my son goes for his weekly dose of occupational and speech therapy outside of school. We got there a bit early so I had to manage 3 monkey people (aka children) and keep them quiet for 15 minutes in a fun therapy room where there are big bouncy balls and a swing!! Talk about asking the impossible of your kids!!

Eli started therapy so I took the girls a few minutes down the road to a Starbucks, where Sophie proceeded to complain there was nothing fun to eat. I had to point out the cookies and chocolate milk and convince her she liked those things while she whined that there wasn’t a donut she liked and it was a stupid coffee store not to have iced donuts! Well, finally got her convinced to have a cookie and chocolate milk but she was just so excited to be outside that I put the baby in a stroller and we had to walk around the shopping area and eat so she could run around like a little maniac. I forget sometimes that kids have about 20 times more energy than I do. It’s not that I’m old, I am just TIRED by 4pm every day and that’s when the kids are bouncing off walls. So while walking around (jumping if you were Sophie) the baby fell asleep and we successfully wasted enough time to go back to the therapy place and pick up Eli. We sat down inside the building and Sophie immediately charmed all the adults in the room (she is talented at this) while simultaneously driving me insane and waking up the baby. No sooner had everyone settled down than Eli came running out of the speech office crying and looking for me. He had zipped up his coat and caught his bottom lip in the zipper!! Poor little guy! I offered to kiss it better so I had to smooch my 8 year old on the lips 3 times before he’d stop crying…probably looked funny but actually everyone was oohing and awwing because of it. And the baby was flirting with the only male in the room (to Acacia males are something of an oddity)…so that was cute too.

Off we went back across town to get Alexis when I remembered she told me to get cash to pay for some purchases at the thrift store she was working in today. So I had to find an atm. Stopped at my own bank where, of course, the atm wasn’t working, so I went in thinking, I’ll just withdraw cash, but well, duh, I can’t remember my account number and I didn’t have a checkbook with me. So, off we go back into the car to find another atm (at which I pay a fee because I have no choice since my stupid bank’s atm is down). So I’m about 15 minutes late getting Allie and the store is closed. Luckily she goes back tomorrow morning and I get to go with her and then I get to shop so that actually made me happy.

Off we go home, where I have approximately 5 minutes before their dad comes to get them. Somehow, even having spent the whole of the afternoon with my kids, I feel like I have had no time with them at all today. I had to convince myself that I’d been with them all day and they were making me crazy on top of that (well, Eli wasn’t). I missed them within seconds of their going. I ordered us some yummy asian food from gatorfood (a food delivery service that works with local restaurants…love them) because the idea of cooking after all that just made me feel like collapsing.

Finally got some food in me and settled in to relax, but WOW the house was messy and scary. Alexis cleaned up the kitchen, at least. I will HOPE I do the rest tomorrow, but since my life is crazy there are never any guarantees. And people wonder why my house never gets cleaned? Well, because we have 2 single mothers, 3 kids, and 4 cats and never a moment to spare. Life is crazy, crazy wonderful, ultimately exhausting, and gives me very little time to sit and wallow in self-pity, for which I am very grateful. I also realize that I have no time to go and pursue finding a new relationship with a man, which is, I think, for the best for me right now. I love my new and crazy life and would not really want it any other way. I miss things, but that’s a post for another day!

Cheers…go and hug your kids, count your blessings and remember, life is meant to be lived…value each day you have because you never know when it will all end.


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